Usher in the Year of the Rat with a memorable feast at YUN NANS! YUN NANS is the largest Yunnan F&B chain in the world. Since the opening of its flagship outlet in Singapore circa April 2019, the restaurant has been winning over the hearts of local gourmands with its repertoire of highland cuisine (gao yuan liao li). For Chinese New Year, the restaurant is set to launch eight set menus, catering from four to 10 persons.

 Enjoy great wealth all year round with the Prosperity Treasure Hot Pot 盆满钵满 (火焰聚宝盆菜), priced at S$168/6 pax; S$288/10 pax. The soup is boiled for six hours, using aged hen, aged duck, pork bones and aged dry-cured ham. Premium-grade ingredients used in the hotpot include Yunnan wheat pumpkin, pig skin, prawn, sea cucumber, abalone and morchella. Kick up the indulgence by dipping the cooked ingredients in either one of YUNNANS’s homemade sauces: wild mushroom or smoked chilli. All the ingredients are cooked and presented in a earthen pot that is specially imported from Yunnan. The porosity and natural insulation properties of the earthenware allows heat and moisture to circulate throughout the pot – this in turn helps to bring out the best flavours of the high-grade ingredients.

No Chinese New Year feast is complete without yu sheng. YUN NANS will offer two selections of Yun Nans 升水起 yu sheng: Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng (丰收三文鱼捞) and Prosperity Abalone Yu (鸿鲍鱼捞). The salmon version (S$40.80/6 pax; S$58.80/10 pax) consists of freshly sliced, sashimi-grade salmon. The abalone version comes with fresh abalones (S$68.80/6 pax; S$88.80/10pax).


An auspicious dish that symbolises luck, the Braised Golden Seafood Bisque with Fish Maw 四海增辉 (金汤海味鱼鳔羹) has a robust flavour and velvety consistency. The golden soup is prepared by using aged hen, aged duck, pork bones and aged dry-cured Chinese ham. Then, sea cucumber, fish maw, bamboo pith and scallop are added to the mix. The bisque is then boiled for six hours, so all the nutrients and essence of the ingredients are extracted. 


A traditional Yunnan homecooked meal, the Yunnan Cross-bridge Pork Ribs 仙风道骨 (过桥山珍排骨) calls for large racks of pork ribs, all braised with a special YUN NANS sauce. The meat is then removed from the bones, sliced, and then stir-fried with different types of Yunnan mushrooms such as porcini. In Yunnan, this dish is a must-have during celebratory occasions such as family gatherings or weddings.


Its fragrant aroma wafting through the air when it is served, the Stewed Chicken with Lemongrass 鸡声告旦 (边境香茅焗鸡) is braised with a special homemade blend of Yunnan spices. When the chicken is cooked, it is submerged in cold water, a process that helps it achieve superb tenderness. The chicken is then infused with lemongrass in the clay pot. It is then stewed, allowing the lemongrass flavour to permeate every inch of the meat.


Another winning dish is the Signature Steam Pot Chicken with Matsutake Mushrooms and Morchella 蒸蒸日上 (汽锅羊肚菌松茸鸡汤), which symbolises fortune. The soup is brewed using a unique technique that does not require a single drop of water. Instead, the chicken is pressure-steamed for three hours. The highly prized matsutake mushroom lends a spicy-aromatic fragrance and tantalising flavour. It pairs impeccably with the delicate and meaty morchella. The soup is clear, delicate, nourishing and robust without any hint of greasiness.

Bless your loved ones with year-round success with the Golden Poached Rice with Seafood in Prawn Broth 五谷丰收 (海鲜虾汤泡脆金米). Poached rice, along with fresh seafood such as clams and prawns, are cooked with YUN NANS’s signature prawn broth. The dish is then topped with crispy rice pops. This exquisite dish promises an interplay of flavours and texture with every bite, from the sweetness and freshness of the seafood to the savoury punch and crunchiness of the rice pops.   


A dish that is bound to evoke nostalgia, the Traditional-style Steamed Silver Pomfret富贵有余 (古法蒸斗鲳) is cooked using a classic Cantonese steaming method. The fresh catch is steamed with salted plums and salted vegetables, both of which lend a savoury punch to the delicate note of the fish.


The Stir-fried Prawns with Asparagus and Macadamia Nuts 登峰造极 (夏果芦笋炒虾球) is bound to be a pleaser amongst adults and children alike. The dish is beautifully plated with chilli and greens. The prawns, asparagus and macadamia nuts are set in a basket made of crispy rice noodles. Temper all the meat indulgence with the Braised Black Mushroom and Bailing Mushroom with Gluten and Seasonal Green 金堆玉砌 (百两金双菇时蔬). Get to savour Yunnan’s famed mushrooms with this dish.


Cap off the session with Chilled Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream 姹紫嫣红 (雪花映紫米), which features Thai purple glutinous rice topped with coconut ice cream. To elevate the smooth texture of this dessert, the chef has added homemade pumpkin puree. This dessert is sweet, slightly nutty and little chewy with a hint of coconutty fragrance!

YUN NANS’s eight Chinese New Year menus for 4 to 10 pax are priced from S$268++ onwards. They will be available from 13 January to 8 February 2020.

 Enjoy an Early Bird promotion of 12% off when you order any of Yun Nans Yu Sheng and/or Prosperity Treasure Hot Pot from 13 January to 19 January 2020. Promotion is valid for dine-in only.