Tasmania has relaunched its brand, inviting travellers to Come Down For Air. The launch
campaign aims to encourage visitors to reconnect with nature, with themselves and with their
loved ones and to feel more human on this island of difference. Tourism Tasmania launched
the new brand platform with an integrated domestic campaign on 13 October in Australia.
Tasmania – Come Down for Air plays on the notion of ‘coming up for air’ and is an invitation
to potential visitors to break free from their busy, urban lives and experience the calmness and
inspiration they are looking for in Tasmania.
“Come Down for Air represents Tasmania’s place and people. We’ve come a long way – we’re
quietly confident and have no need to boast. This new brand platform speaks to who we are
as Tasmanians now and invites Australians to experience a slice of our way of living, for a
day, a week or even longer.” Emma Terry, Chief Marketing Officer of the state tourism body
Come Down For Air celebrates the joys of non-conformity by capturing truly Tasmanian
moments in time. The creative expression shows that Tasmania is no ordinary place and
Tasmanians are no ordinary people. The domestic TV campaign captures moments like the
refreshing joy of being in nature, the simple pleasure of devouring a scallop pie, a crisp
morning swim in the ocean, and the innovative methodology of a local whisky maker.
The refreshed look and feel will be shared with domestic and international audiences. In South
East Asia, Tourism Tasmania will be working closely with industry partners to adapt the
concept into the local market. The new brand platform will continue to set Tasmania apart from
competitors in the national and global tourism marketplace in a uniquely Tasmanian way.
Take a moment to pause and reconnect with Tasmania, follow the links below.
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Down For Air (Tourism Tasmania)
• For future travellers to Tasmania visit www.discovertasmania.com.au/air
• For further background and corporate information
visit www.tourismtasmania.com.au/marketing/brand-launch