Canon Creative Park

With a myriad of activities to do on Canon Creative Park, you can enhance your kids’ home-based learning experience and pick up some new crafting skills at the same time!

Home-Based Learning (from Toddlers to Older Children)

For parents with toddlers, there are concentration cards and colourful multiplication tables that will make home-based learning entertaining and fun. Parents can also engage older children with puzzles and games such as Chess. These games can strengthen their critical problem solving skills and improve cognitive processes too.

Along with this, parents can recreate the classroom experience for kids of all ages at home and make lessons come to life by projecting e-learning lessons up on the wall with the RAYO S1!

Crafting Activities

Why not pick up a new hobby in crafting while learning with your kids? Expound on your creativity with your kids with some scrapbooking fun, where you can use the 2-in-1 Canon iNSPiC [S] instant camera and a photo printer to capture all your precious memories and put them into a decorative scrapbook.

Canon Live Webinars and MasterClasses

Pick up some new photography skills with industry professionals during the circuit breaker! Canon is bringing to the public a series of live webinars and masterclasses, where viewers are able to pick up a new skill in different areas of photography every week. From food and wedding photography, to wildlife photography and even an introduction to astrophotography, immerse yourself in a variety of photography genres with these free webinars and masterclasses that are open to all.