For a lot of patients with Melasma, the journey of a thousand miles to clearer skin starts with a single step. For the luckier ones, it starts with more, six to be exact. The NuDerm system is a six piece skin health product range designed to treat stubborn hyperpigmentation such as melasma and improve overall skin health.

The NuDerm system was a game changer product range. Since its first introduction in 1988 by Obagi Medical Products (known as WorldWide Products Inc. then), the NuDerm System has help patients in all walks of life regain their confidence. Additional to the NuDerm system, the company continued to introduce to the market many innovative products for the treatment of other skin conditions. Among the other product ranges that has been introduced by the company are the Clenziderm system for patients suffering from acne and Elastiderm product range for patient with visible signs of aging.

Fast forward to today, and after launching multiple best-selling products, OMP is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. It has since become one of the most recognizable brand of skin products in the physician dispensed space helping countless patients every day.

OMP remains to be at the forefront of skin health. The company keeps itself relevant and abreast to the current needs of patients. We can expect that the company will once again whip up something that will help patients in their journey to achieving healthier skin.