Everyone has heard of K-beauty and J-beauty, but have you heard of B-beauty? We’ve rounded up a list of the latest modern British brands to love, available exclusively at Sephora Singapore!

BYBI Beauty

BYBI Beauty was established as a natural evolution of Clean Beauty Insiders, the UK’s largest dedicated natural beauty platform. With their disruptive and unconventional approach to product formulation, Elsie and Dominika are now recognised as pioneers in natural beauty thought leadership and innovators in the UK.

BYBI Beauty adopts a philosophy that marries efficacious formulas with stylish packaging and a high quality ingredient list promises 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free products. Sustainability has been top of mind when developing all packaging; where possible glass is used instead of plastic and the tubes are made from a sugarcane derived bio-plastic that can be recycled or composted at an industrial composting facility.

BYBI Beauty’s range is currently a capsule collection of 12 SKUs, which includes multi-purpose hero Babe Balm made with coenzyme Q10 and squalane, as well as hyaluronic acid toner Mega Mist which has gained a cult following in the UK. Elsie & Dominika have also written their ‘Clean Beauty’ book, published by Penguin in 2017, filled with DIY recipes to make your own beauty products in the comfort of your home.

Experiencing exponential growth since the birth of the brand, BYBI Beauty are committed to innovation and transparency in the natural category. They take an iterative approach to product development, listening to feedback from micro-influencers and loyal brand fans, then delivering the changes requested. This in turn has gained the brand a dedicated social following.


With a career spanning over 27 years, Charlotte Tilbury, MBE, is regarded as one of the most influential makeup artists of all time. From magazine covers and fashion shows to the red carpet, Charlotte has created iconic beauty trends and makeup magic for some of the biggest stars all around the world.

Charlotte’s mission is to share the power of makeup with every woman and man, of every age, to show them how they can be the most beautiful versions of themselves every day and her mantra, ‘give everyone the right makeup and they can conquer the world’, led to the creation of her own eponymous makeup and skincare brand in 2013. A brand of makeup magic and skincare secrets, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty bottles all of Charlotte’s red carpet, backstage and celebrity beauty expertise in to an easy to choose, easy to use and easy to understand world of glamourous makeup magic!

This announcement also sees the continuation of the brand’s partnership with Sephora, the world’s most loved beauty community offering a unique retail experience for passionate clients and innovative beauty brands.

Doers of London

Doers was founded in London by self-­‐mademen: entrepreneurs who through their collective experience in formulating and distributing some of the highest quality men’s grooming products available, spotted a white-space in what seems like an impossibly cluttered and complicated market.

Between them, they had tried hundreds of men’s products yet found that almost every one demanded some sort of sacrifice: to get real performance you often needed to pay through the roof and paying anything less meant you risked a lack of quality and efficacy.

For them what was missing was a brand that would speak to guys like them. Men who see beyond the bells and whistles, and judge something by its substance. Men who are not afraid of hard work, knowing it’s the only sure way to get where you want. Men who know that in a gritty hardworking place like London – it’s the good habits and rituals that you keep, that will be the making of you.

The result is a range of focused products delivering premium performance and quality ingredients at a price every self-­‐made man can maintain. Products that keep their word, delivering on every promise that they make, giving you the confidence and time to focus on what is really important.

Doers launches with five premium products: A facial cleanser, a shave cream, a hydrating face cream, a shampoo and a body wash.

Organic and natural ingredients. Cruelty free. Vegan. Dermatologically tested. Nickel tested. A green workflow to maximize recyclability minimize waste at every stage of production. Clean body, fresh mind.

No parabens, no mineral oils, no silicones, no PEGs, no SLS, no SLES, no TEA, no DEA, no synthetic colour, no synthetic fragrance, no nasties. Full stop


The cosmetic industry creates names for products which have the same base and do the same thing – day cream, primer, night cream, moisturiser, serum, etc. and is ever more inventive. We don’t believe in having products dedicated to the face, neck or eye. There is no such thing as a product which is good for one part of your skin and not the other. A good formula does it all. We believe in universal, advanced and multi-tasking formulations for everyday use, for young and older skin.

Products with too many active ingredients confuse the skin, it works too hard, gets tired and gives up. It is better to ask the skin to do one thing at a time, but to do it well. Some active ingredients are universally essential to your skin and you can never overdo it. Others are for specific skin concerns, if used for too long they saturate the skin and no longer delivers results. It is good to switch them around to keep the skin stimulated and avoid the plateau effect.

The natural versus synthetic battle is dated – not all chemistry is bad. There are simply good ingredients – safe, effective and formulated correctly, and there are bad ingredients – harmful or ineffective. There is a misconception that natural products should contain many bonical extracts, which actually often have little effect. We focus on pure molecules with published clinical results.


A pioneering brand built on the belief that intelligent beauty should be accessible to all, The INKEY List is your beauty translator. Responding to the demand for simpler, more straightforward products with high quality ingredients for less, we pride ourselves not only on offering products that cut through the beauty jargon, but we also have a team of dedicated skincare experts on hand 24/7 so you can secure skincare solutions to your specific needs.

When it comes to skincare we know you want premium ingredients without the price tag but we also know it’s not easy to navigate and understand what’s out there in today’s cluttered skincare space. At The INKEY List you won’t find confusing, technical talk or exaggerated beauty marketing. You won’t find complicated science or overinflated price points; instead, you’ll find transparent communication, straightforward packaging and cutting-edge formulations made with cutting-edge ingredients. We won’t talk down to you or intimidate you; this is beauty you can trust, on your terms, with expert skincare advice on hand around the clock.

Plus, as part of our commitment to bringing you clarity and quality above all else, you’ll never find anything over $22. Keeping costs low means you can test out what works for you with confidence, giving you the chance to build a bespoke skincare wardrobe to target your specific concerns.