Not just the ideal gift for Valentines, but the perfect present for the future.

Choosing a perfume as a gift for someone special can be difficult, but with Lush Perfume, you can be sure you’re buying something meaningful, whatever the fragrance.

Many of our perfumes have been made with essential oils produced in a way that goes beyond sustainability towards regeneration, meaning they are helping to restore the health of communities and their local environment around the world. By buying these perfumes, you are supporting the livelihoods of our suppliers along with the future of our planet!

On 7th February, Lush Singapore are launching a curated perfume range in all 5 shops, allowing for increased customization and exclusivity based on customers preferences. All Lush shops around the world will now carry their own collections, choosing from
14 of Lush’s Core Perfume range and 13 Perfume Library fragrances.

About the Range

The new core perfume range features 7 perfumes currently found in all shops: Breath of God, Dirty, Karma, Lust, Sun, Vanillary and What Would Love Do along with 7 new scents: 1000 Kisses Deep, American Cream, Ginger, Junk, Love, Pansy and Rose Jam.

Besides the core perfume range, shops also get to carry a range exclusive fragrances from the Perfume Libraries which include B Scent, Death and Decay, Dad’s Garden
– Chamomile and Honeysuckle, Flower’s Barrow, Grass, Hairdresser’s Husband, Himalaya, Salarium, Secret Garden, Smell of Freedom, Superworldunknown, Two More Hearts and V