HOT BUBBLE TEA for the sweater weather days ahead anyone? Emma will be serving their unique take on the eponymous Bubble Tea drink which comes in HOT (yes, you read that right) AND COLD VERSIONS. Emma’s specialty bubble tea series – Hojicha, Sencha and Kurogoma – includes carefully curated ingredients that are imported directly from Japan.

Emma’s newly-launched Kuromitsu Latte series is actually both A UNIQUE TWIST and HOMAGE to the earliest bubble tea drink in Taiwan which was served hot. Kuromitsu which literally translates to “black honey” is a well-loved Okinawan brown sugar syrup that is frequently used in many Japanese sweets. Each of Emma’s newly launched drink has a natural sweetness to it due to the Okinawa brown sugar; yet the three cups come in strong with distinctive flavours.

For example, each cup of the KUROMITSU KUROGOMA LATTE has about 6,000 pieces of sesame seeds, creating a nutty and fragrant drink that is jam-packed with fibre and Vitamin B. The KUROMITSU HOJICHA LATTE is for the bold – with a sweet and smoky taste whereas the KUROMITSU SENCHA LATTE is perfect for an after-meal pick-me-up due to its refreshing and light flavour. The cold versions can be customised similar to an indulgent float, with kuromitsu and kurogoma served atop Emma’s signature soft serve.

All drinks are priced at S$4.50 (hot) and S$4.80 (cold) respectively with options to add-on other Japanese toppings such as Emma’s signature soft serve or kuromitsu tapioca pearls.

Another new menu mainstay is the customisable EMMA SIGNATURE SOFT SERVE IN A CUP, with affordable prices that start from S$3.80. Emma uses premium Hokkaido milk in its signature soft serve which is known for its richness, thick texture, and firmness where you can even hold the ice cream cone upside down – defying gravity – while you take Instagrammable pictures.

Choose from a choice of crunchy bases — crushed Oreos, waffle or cereal. The premium soft serve is housed above the base, with Japanese kuromitsu (Okinawa brown sugar syrup) drizzled all over. Kick up the indulgence with Japanese toppings such as kinako powder, matcha powder, genmai crackers or warabi mochi.

Kinako powder especially, is a healthy source of vitamins and nutrients, which also helps to improve cholesterol levels. High in isoflavones, dietary fibre and plant-based protein, it is a low-carb alternative to regular flour, making it a good choice for those who need to avoid starchy foods or are on a low-carb diet.

Established in May 2018 in Japan, Emma has opened seven outlets in Japan in just 1.5 years due to its soaring popularity. Every day, the outlets see snaking queues that last for hours. Named after “絵馬”, which are small wooden plaques on which Japanese worshippers write their well wishes, Emma aspires to be the place where everyone’s wishes come true.