178x More Potent than Traditional Vitamin C for Brighter, Even-Toned Skin*

In 1990, Elizabeth Arden forever changed the skincare industry with the introduction of Ceramide Capsules – the first-of-its-kind, bio-engineered, skin-identical ceramides available in a single-dose capsule format. In 2018, Elizabeth Arden continued this legacy with the launch of the award-winning Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum. And now, the #1 selling serum in a capsule** welcomes its newest innovation – Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules Radiance Renewal Serum. This dry oil serum combines two powerhouse ingredients in one capsule: Vitamin C for its brightening superpowers and Ceramides, to prolong skin’s youthful glow.


The new capsule harnesses the power of our ultra-stable, ultra-potent Vitamin C and Ceramides to not only deliver optimal skin brightening, but also help nourish and strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier for smoother skin to prolong its glow. Together, these complementary ingredient technologies create a fusion of results that help visibly brighten, fight hyper-pigmentation and protect skin from free radical damage.


Each capsule is super-charged with a Vitamin C that is 178x more potent than traditional Vitamin C*, which typically dissipates after three hours. Using this ultra-stable Vitamin C, Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules offer maximum efficacy and protection against external skin aggressors. To complement skin’s moisture barrier, the capsules are formulated with oil soluble Vitamin C, rather than traditional water soluble Vitamin C. This optimizes delivery to skin’s surface as the oil in our skin is attracted to our oil-soluble Vitamin C. The combination of potency along with targeted delivery means the vitamin c is better able to do what it needs to do and get where it needs to go.

Encapsulated for freshness, formulated for potency, this biodegradable capsule instantly brightens the look of skin Working from the outside in to visibly diminish dullness, Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules deliver the perfect combination to boost and prolong radiance.

AVAILABILITY Beginning September 2019 at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide and at .com.