Be the First to Explore a Wonderland of Food Experiences at Habitat by Honest Bee

Be the first to explore a wonderland of food experiences at habitat by honestbee,

a ‘NewGen Retail’, tech-enabled multi-sensory grocery and dining concept


NewGen Retail : Innovation in retail technology that inspires more human engagement

for a multi-sensory shopping experience


habitat by honestbee is a 60,000 sq ft physical expression of NewGen Retail as it

connects the online marketplace with offline food experiences. Leveraging on smart

technology, data science and robots, it removes the hassle of normal retail shopping

and inspires more human interaction through food.

habitat by honestbee offers the world’s first cashless, automated checkout

(AutoCheckout) experience and robotic collection point (RoboCollect)


A multi-sensory experience for shoppers and diners who seek convenience,

value, quality, personalisation and a sense of community

It is a full range supermarket and speciality grocer all in one with over

20,000 products of Asia and global groceries, seasonal fruits and vegetables,

seafood, meats, cheeses and daily essentials, all at great value.


It is also launching 15 brand new food and beverage concepts , from Californian

cuisine, grain bowls to grilled meats, Asian bento favourites, Japanese souffl é pancakes

and homemade kombucha drinks


Honestbee, Asia’s leading marketplace that delivers quality fresh food products and meals,

unveils its latest offering: habitat by honestbee, the world’s first tech-integrated multi-sensory

grocery and dining concept. Introducing ‘NewGen Retail’ , a concept defined as innovation

in retail technology that inspires more human engagement for a multi-sensory experience.

Spanning over 60,000 square feet of gastronomic adventures, an immersive culinary journey

awaits shoppers and diners at habitat by honestbee where they experience freshness,

convenience and fun in a tech-friendly space.


habitat by honestbee

Address: 34 Boon Leat Terrace, Singapore 119866 (next to Mapletree Business City)

Opening hours: 8am to 10pm

Facebook: habitat by honestbee

Instagram: @habitat_sg

Hashtags: #habitatSG#habitatbyhonestbee#staysuperfresh#honestbeesg

Website: habitat.honestbee.sg


A fully integrated online and offline experience Powered by honestbee’s

leading-edge technology, habitat by honestbee offers two firsts in the world: a cashless

checkout experience (AutoCheckout) and fully automated, robotic collection

point (RoboCollect).


With the honestbee app, customers can enter the space and through beePay , honestbee’s

very own digital wallet, make secure, cashless transactions throughout the store for both

offline and online transactions.


For purchases of 10 items or less, shoppers can use the “Scan & Go” function on the

honestbee app, so they can skip the checkout line and get their items on the spot.

For more items, shoppers can drop off their trolleys at the world’s first convenient

AutoCheckout and habitat will take care of the scanning and packing. Bags will be

ready for collection at the RoboCollect Stations. Orders can be processed between

checkout and collection in as fast as 5 minutes, so shoppers will have more time to enjoy

habitat by honestbee as a multi-sensory community.


Shoppers can order from habitat’s food and beverage concepts for dine-in, take-away as

well as home delivery. Online grocery orders are fulfilled by shopper bees using overhead

conveyor belts for greater productivity before driver bees pick them up for one hour time

belt deliveries within the day.


Habitat by honestbee is a full supermarket with over 20,000 Asian and global products, fresh

fruits and vegetables, seafood, meats and daily essentials which can be purchased both online

and offline in an exceptional environment. Available for customers to dine in or take-away,

there are also 15 unique food and beverage concepts — from fresh grain bowls, grilled meats

straight from the butchery to Japanese souffl é pancakes and homemade kombuchas. That’s

not all, the following concepts are also in the pipeline: A by-invitation-only private dining

space that takes your experience at habitat by honestbee to a whole other level, an oyster bar

, a hidden bar as well as an entire section devoted to charcuterie and cheese. The full list of

concepts are available in the fact sheet.


Although habitat by honestbee is powered by technology, our concierge bees are available to

answer any questions, adding to the overall immersive experience. This is complemented by

food workshops, masterclasses and hands-on experiences with the products on-site. The

habitat by honestbee experience is designed to enrich consumers with a knowledge of the

food and products available.


A growth opportunity for marketplace and F&B partners

habitat by honestbee makes it convenient and inexpensive for entrepreneurs and F&B

partners from Singapore and the international markets to establish or expand their presence

online and offline. honestbee’s ecosystem supports potential partners and entrepreneurs by

allowing them to focus on delivering a quality dining and shopping experiences.


As an example, habitat by honestbee has partnered with Michelin-mentioned Tokyo pancake

cafe, Riz Labo Kitchen to bring Singaporeans the popular dessert trend of wobbly Japanese

pancakes. Another highlight is local favourite Char, for their delectable local roast char siew

and meats. Other progressive partners include Prime Supermarket, Mahota speciality grocer,

Indoguna, Bear Bear Fresh and FarEastFlora.com.


“habitat by honestbee is a beautiful, physical extension of the honestbee brand we all love.

With its launch, we now provide tech-enabled convenience, value and quality through food

in both the online and offline experience. It is a unique combination of a full supermarket,

speciality grocer, dining and interactive lifestyle destination. In this innovative space, one

can expect a multi-sensorial food experience that nourishes, educates and inspires. We designed

it so that customers can get their groceries and meals efficiently but also linger and enjoy the

experience. ” said Pauline Png, VP & Managing Director, habitat by honestbee.


“We are excited to bring this ‘NewGen Retail’ concept from Singapore to our current eight

markets and beyond in the near future. Guided by our passion for food and technology,

we will continue to innovate in solutions to enhance the quality of our products and

experiences, bringing value to our partners and customers. We invite progressive partners

to come along with this in this journey!” said Joel Sng, CEO & Founder of honestbee.


Festival of Fresh – Celebrating the 5 senses of fresh

To celebrate the launch of habitat by honestbee, customers can look forward to the ‘Festival of

Fresh’ which will begin from 18 October to 11 November 2018. The festival invites both young

and old to ignite their five senses through pasta and bread making, tasting of seasonal produce

and products, coffee appreciation. Look forward to more cool and family friendly weekend

activities held on 20 and 21 October and 27 and 28 October.


Be entertained by local acts such as up and coming vocalist Joie Tan and New Orleans style

brass band, New Stream Brass Band. Kids can look forward to veggie paint-and-draw by OIC,

balloon sculpting and face-painting activities while adults can indulge in food styling workshops,

scent creation, coffee painting sessions and hands-on bread shaping.

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